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TLC7226: The four ouputs change from operating voltage to 0V without any control.

Part Number: TLC7226

     The TLC7226C outputs connect to max301 directly. Sometimes the four outputs change from operating voltage to 0V .  I can confirm that  Mcu  do not control it. What happened will the output reset to 0V?  

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    I think we will need more information in order to support this topic.

    Can you please provide a schematic? Additionally any further details concerning how the DAC is being used or what else is happening in the system during this time would be helpful.
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        The purpose is  to produce a variable amplitude pulse. The TLC7226  is not broken because its output returned  to normal when  MCU  control it again.  Such a failure is more likely to happen  when  I  connect the

    GND of the oscilloprobe to the GND of circuit board.

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    I am still not entirely clear on what is happening in the digital domain between cases where the MCU does and does not "control" the DAC. What is happening during this time period? No digital transactions at all?

    Is it possible to trigger a capture with an oscilloscope on the falling edge of one of the DAC outputs to see what happens to the power supply and reference voltages during these events?

    I think it would also be nice to watch for any unintentional activity on the digital bus in the same time period to determine if something is happening there which is unintentionally latching new data.
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    Any updates on this topic?
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