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ADS114S06: Can we read data simultaneously from two or more channels in single DRDY?

Part Number: ADS114S06

I want to read data from two channels simultaneously and need to process same time instance data samples from respective channels for further processing.  

or else can we increase or decrease the packet size of a single packet as we increase or decrease the no. of channels to read.

  • Hi Gaurav,

    The ADS114S06 has a single ADC with a mux to select different input channels.  It other words you cannot take simultaneous input channel measurements.  Each DRDY transition from high to low signals that new conversion results are available for the mux settings in the INPMUX. 

    The flow would be to make the desired input channels by setting the INPMUX, wait for the conversion to complete, read the data result and switch to the next input mux configuration and repeating the process.

    The ADS114S06 does not have memory to hold multiple conversion data.  You can only retrieve the last conversion result completed.

    What is your application?  What are the sensors being used?  How fast do you need both measurements (do you really need simultaneous measurements)?

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • 1)Our application  is to develop a  Blood pressure monitor and read data from op-amps.

    2)In one of the channel we want to read cuff pressure from pressure sensor(TP1) and from another channel pulse rate(TP3)

    3) I want to read the both data at 100SPS and on later stage need to map this readings from both the channels for post processing.

    would this ADC be sufficient enough to do this switching of channel?

  • Hi Gaurav,

    One possible mode of operation would be to set the ADS114S06 data rate to 200sps using the low-latency filter.  In this way you could read every other input at a rate of about 5ms with the throughput of having both readings at 10ms (100 Hz).  I say about because there is some startup latency for the digital filter within the device which is about 156us.  See Table 13 on page 40 of the ADS114S06 datasheet.

    Also keep in mind that the ADS114S06 digital filter has some response resembling a sinc type response.  See Table 12 on page 39 showing the -3dB point for each data rate.  You could also increase the data rate if 5ms between input measurements is too long of a period.  In the end the measurements should be doable.

    Best regards,

    Bob B