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WAVEVISION5: Im getting some strange problems, Is it possible to get the source code for the wvdll.dll

Part Number: WAVEVISION5


The Hardware I'm using is the ADC10D1000-rb.

I've been using the wvdll.dll in python 3.71(32-bit) on windows 10 and I will get strange crashes when working with it.

I was hoping that since there isn't anymore active development for wavevision5 if It would be possible to get the source code for the dll?

The Problem - The crashes happen when converting a C array to a JSON data structure to send over an internal Pipe between processes. It will sometimes happen directly after the first capture causing the entire process to die. Though when it doesn't crash the program can run all-day without incident until restart. It seems to be something to do with pre_init commands. when the program crashes the logs show multiple loops running after the "executing pre_init commands" line (Loop >>>->> 1 … do stuff... Loop >>>->> 0... do stuff.). When the program works there is only 1 run of the loop (Loop >>>->>0... do stuff.). Note that this only happens with capture and I can read and write to registers perfectly fine without any problems.

Current Solution - Currently I just have a process monitor and when the process dies the monitor restarts it, and it keeps doing that until it works. it can crash upwards of around 10 times before it works or it can work immediately. This is independent of whether or not the computer has just booted or has been running for several days, and this is the same with the eval card. 

Because of the spurious nature of this problem I'm having a hard time tracking down this issue which is the reason for asking for the source code.

I'd very much appreciate any help.