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ADS1220EVM: Problems installing ADCPro EVM plugin

Part Number: ADS1220EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADCPRO, , ADS1220

Hello,  I have loaded ADCPRO software on my Windows 7 system but the ADC1220 EVM plugin is not being installed.  I have installed and uninstalled the ADMPro and NI software several times.  The EVM module shows up as a "MSP430-USB Example" device with an exclamation mark in the status .  From other Help responses I saw there is a way to install a device in Windows 8 using the file:  I tried this and it caused the EVM device to change to a COM port.  Still the EVM is not found by ADCPro.  I tried changing the .ini file device name to "<ADC1220" but that didn't help.  Of course the system complained about the driver signing but I said to install anyway.

I have attached, I hope, a file with several screen shots and also the installation file.

Thank you


Log started 11/17/2019 at 18:29:32
Preferred installation mode : win32
Trying to init installer in mode win32
Mode win32 successfully initialized
[18:29:36] Logging system information to installation log file  to assist with troubleshooting installation issues. 
If you encounter an issue during installation, please email this log file with a discription of the problem to
[18:29:36] Operating System: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (Version #: 6.1)
[18:29:36] OS is 64-bits
[18:29:36] System Locale: en
[18:29:36] Detected an active Windows antivirus program...
[18:29:36] Detected an active firewall program...
[18:29:36] UAC Enabled: 1
[18:29:36] Installer is running as administrator: 1
[18:29:36] The installation directory is located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro
[18:29:36] Free disk space = 157382676 KB (263731 KB required).
Could not find registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ADCPro UninstallString. Setting variable Uninstall_Location to empty value
[18:29:36] Uninstaller location: 
Preparing to Install
The installer will install the following components:
- Main Application: 1
Preparing to Install
Directory already exists: C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro
Unpacking files
Unpacking C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro\ADCPRO_2.0.1_manifest.html
Unpacking C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro\TI License.pdf
Unpacking C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro\NI License.pdf
Unpacking C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro\adcpro-wlvrt-2.0.1.exe
Unpacking C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro\
Launching installer...
Executing C:\Program Files (x86)\ADCPro\adcpro-wlvrt-2.0.1.exe 
Script exit code: 0

Script output:

Script stderr:

Installation completed
Log finished 11/17/2019 at 18:35:02
[18:35:05] ---FINAL PAGE ACTIONS---
adc1220EMV issues.pdf

  • Hi Greg,

    Welcome to the E2E forum! There are two parts of the installation.  One is ADCPro GUI software and that is installed first.  After ADCPro is installed is the ADS1220EVM software installation.  This software download is found at:

    The ADCPro and ADS1220EVM  software must be installed using administrator rights and to the default directories given in the installation packages.  Modifying ini files are not recommended.  From the information sent it does not appear that the plugin was ever installed.  If the ADS1220EVM software plugin is installed it should show up in the ADCPro plugin drop down menu regardless of the driver installation.  Normally the driver installs at the same time as the EVM plugin and will not install with ADCPro main application.  The ADS1220EVM software installation should install the driver package and the plugin which are fully Win7 compliant.  If the plugin is installed correctly, the plugin should appear in the following directory:

    Best regards,

    Bob B

  • Thank you Bob.  This resolved issue with the software. Looking forward to using the ADS1220 again.  It's a great part.