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ADS8920BEVM-PDK: ADS8920BEVM-PDK to TMDSEVM6657 connection via SPI

Part Number: ADS8920BEVM-PDK

Hello everyone,

I have ADS8920BEVM-PDK evaluation board, which I am trying to connect to TMDSEVM6657 evaluation board via SPI. However, I am finding this a little bit confusing, because this board doesn't have clear SPI pins. It is connected to the Precision Host Interface (PHI) that is connected to PC.

Links to boards:

Does anyone has a suggestion how should I connect this ADC evaluation board with my DSP evaluation board.

I would appreciate any comment or suggestion.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello Dejana,

    I am not familiar with the TMDSEVM6657, but the C6657 does support SPI interface and it is available on the expansion header for the EVM.  For detailed questions, I suggest you submit another E2E post specifically for the C6657 processor on how to setup and use the SPI port.

    For the ADS8920BEVM, the SPI pins are available at the series resistors.  You can start by using the minimum SPI interface, which is detailed in Figure 88 of the datasheet.  /RST pulled high, CONVST and /CS connected together, along with SCLK, SDI, and SDO-0 routed to the SPI port of the C6657.

    The EVM already has /RST pulled high, so you can leave this as a no-connect.  For the other IO's, you can solder jumper wires to the series resistors on the EVM board.

    CONVST (R34) & /CS (R35)

    SCLK (R37)

    SDI (R47)

    SDO-0 (R43)

    Since the PHI is not used, the EVM must be powered from external supplies.  You will need to provide a regulated 5.5V supply to the EVM_REG_5V5 net, and 3.3V to the EVM_DVDD net for power.  Please refer to the user's guide Figures 20 and 21 for details on the schematic.

    Keith Nicholas
    Precision ADC Applications

  • Hi Keith,

    Thank you very much! Your response is very helpful!

    Kind regards,