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ADS8519: Pattern layout and assembly

Part Number: ADS8519

Hi team,

My customer is considering to use the ADS8519.

The customer would like to know a guideline/precaution about the pattern layout and assembly of the ADS8519. Could you provide me such an information? 



  • Hi team,

    Could somebody please reply to my post above?



  • Hi team,

    If you have any app note which explain the pattern layout, could you provide me?



  • Hello, below are some good practices.

    •Care must be taken to ensure that the analog signals are kept away from the digital lines. This helps keep the analog input and reference input signals away

    from the digital noise

    • Using a single common ground plane is strongly recommended. For designs requiring a split analog and digital ground planes, the analog and digital ground planes must be at the same potential joined together in close proximity to the device. This is usually done in the area below the ADC

    • Power sources must be clean and well-bypassed. As a result of dynamic currents during conversion, each AVDD must have a decoupling capacitor to keep the supply voltage stable. Use wide traces or a dedicated analog supply plane to minimize trace inductance and reduce glitches. Using a correctly assizes capacitors is recommended in close proximity to each analog (AVDD) supply pins.

    •The reference pin must be decoupled to ground with a closely placed capacitor. with no vias in between the device or capacitor

    • All ground pins (AGND) must be connected to the ground plane using short, low-impedance paths and

    independent vias to the ground plane.