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ADS5400: request for clarification on the meaning of absolute maximum ratings

Part Number: ADS5400


I'd like to understand better the numbers given in the absolute maximum ratings table for the ADS5400. If I am reading this correctly, in the table below, it is speficied that the maximum voltage *between AINP and AINN* is between 1.75V and 3.25V for a continuous DC signal. However, isn't it correct that a zero signal in this case would have 0V between AINP and AINN? Wouldn't we allow something that is somewhat below -2V and somewhat above +2V for this voltage?

If what is meant is actually the voltage between the pins and ground (which is not completely unreasonable since typically AVDD5/2 is 2.5V and the full range of the ADC is 2V, meaning that for +2V input we would have 3.5V on AINP and 1.5V on AINN, and the opoosite for -2V input), how can I make it consistent with the "AINP, AINN to GND" voltage difference speficied 2 lines above?

Thank you very much in advance,