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ADS7052: Works abnormally when the temp is lower than -14℃

Part Number: ADS7052

Hi Team,

My customer use ADS7052IRUGR and found that it works abnormally when the temp is lower than -14℃.

Test environment: Thermometer box, which could keep temp  to -25℃~0℃

Test method: Provide 2.048V DC signal to the input of ADS7052 and then read the value of ADC output through FPGA.


Test Result:

Customer has confirmed that the input voltage(2.048V), the DVDD(3.3V) and AVDD(3.3V) are all normal during the temperature( -25℃~0℃).

However, when the temp is lower than -14℃, the output of the ADS7052 is abnormal. You could see that the result is only 600 and 0.311V...

Temp  in temperate box/℃ Actual input voltage/V Read the result from ADC output Calculated input  voltage/V
5 2.048 2742 2.024
0 2.048 2748 2.025
-5 2.048 274F 2.027
-10 2.048 2751 2.027
-14 2.048 600 0.309
-18 2.048 606 0.311
-23 2.048 608 0.311

It seems that ADS7052 is abnormal. Could you please kindly give some advice about this?


  • Hello Amelie,

    The ADS7052 is fully specified over a wide -40-125C operating range so something else is likely going on in the system that is causing these substantial performance changes. Is there possibly substantial humidity or anything else entering into the design?  

    Has the customer probed the SPI interface to verify the communications are proper?  What is driving the input of the ADC and has the input voltage at TP21 and what is the sampling rate?