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[FAQ] TPL1401: Common questions for the TPL1401 buffered digipot

Part Number: TPL1401

This post serves as a landing pad for frequently asked questions about the TPL1401 buffered digital potentiometer, or digipot. You may also see TI's digital potentiometers referred to as DPOTs. If you have any related questions to the below topics, please create a new post using the "+ Ask a related question" button.


General FAQ

What is the lowest-cost, 8-bit DAC or digital potentiometer?

What are the benefits to the TPL1401 buffered digipot compared to standard digipots?

What is the TPL1401 EEPROM used for?

Are there source code or header file examples for the TPL1401 DPOT?

What is the boot-up time for the TPL1401?

What is the maximum update rate of the output of the TPL1401?

Can I provide an external reference to the TPL1401?

Can I use a Zener diode to power TPL1401?

What is the use of the Hi-Z power down mode on the TPL1401?

What is the use of the TPL1401 feedback (FB) pin?



How to generate a DC setpoint or bias using the TPL1401?

How to use the TPL1401 as an adjustable current limit input?

How can I use the TPL1401 for programmable gain?

How can I use the TPL1401 as a programmable comparator?

How to use the TPL1401 to program a LASER diode analog power control (APC) circuit?


Helpful Links

The TPL1401 can be found in many common applications:

End equipment


Exit and emergency lighting

Barcode scanners

Barcode readers

Smart speakers

Video doorbells

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Robotic lawn mowers

Laser distance meter

You can find some additional information about the TPL1401 here:

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