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TSW14J56EVM: TSW14J56evm

Part Number: TSW14J56EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADS54J60EVM


I am developing an oscilloscope in-house. Currently, I am working on the Texas Instrument's ADS54J60evm and TSW14J56evm boards. My end goal is to display and format at least 500K samples captured.

Now, I had been using HSDC GUI to display the captured data from the TSW board; but due to fairly low number of samples displayed on HSDC GUI, I need to switch to a custom based GUI. 

So, my first step is to capture the data from the CYUSB301X (FX3 Interface) available on the TSW14J56evm board. Is it possible if you can share with me the code files or the way CYUSB301X is sending the data to the HSDC GUI? I'll be requiring the raw data from the USB 3.0 port to be available on my PC.


  • Raeleen,

    The firmware is attached.




  • As it can be seen from the files attached, they run in the Cypress EZ-USB Suite.

    Is it possible that you guide me on the Cypress EZ- USB Suite. I need to display the data stored in the DDR of TSW14J56evm (captured by ADS54J60evm) via the CYUSB301X, can you help me out in displaying it in either Cypress EZ-USB Suite or any other additional software?

    Basically my aim is to read the USB 3.0

  • Raeleen,

    We have something that allows for faster captures by bypassing HSDC Pro. Would this help you?



  • yes.

    Also, if you can help me with the usb port reading, it would be great.

  • Are you sharing it via mail or here only?

  • Raeleen,

    We have the examples (not included in HSDC Pro installer) to directly use the Board DLLs (shipped with HSDC Pro installer) and perform a capture. These examples are built in LabVIEW 2014 and the example for TSW14J56revD is attached.

    Please note we don’t have extensive documentation for these examples. The low level FX3 functions are abstracted in the DLL.




  • I'll try running this to capture the data. Actually, as I am facing the issue of the number of samples captured. Effectively 65k samples are captured at one point of time in HSDC software. So, even if we give a command of capturing multiple times (in MATLAB, for automation), I atleast need to give a timeout of 1.5 seconds between each capture to check for the errors. In this I am loosing samples in between.

    1) So, as per the zip file you have provided, do I need to run HSDC in background? And can the VIs run independently? Any instructions you want to provide?

    2) Also, Can you guide me if the data is coming out serially or not from the CYUSB301X, so that I can write the code accordingly.

    3) Which device driver is being used for the product on the Host PC. Based on that applications can be written/modified.

  • Also, what do I need to put in the HSDC Pro Application Path?

    Is it using HSDC to run in the background?

    If yes, then how is it helping in faster captures?

  • Raeleen,

    Please try the following:

    1. The VIs can run independently. HSDC Pro is not required to be running in background. Please follow the below instructions to use the script,
    2. Open the “Main.vi” and update all the controls with appropriate values (Board Serial number, # samples/channel, Data rate etc).
    3. Set the Read mode control accordingly.
    4. Read DDR to File – The captured data will be stored in “.bin” files at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\High Speed Data Converter Pro\HSDCPro Data”, where each bin file corresponds to each channel of the ADC. The .bin file format is Big endian format (LSB MSB). For example, if the sample data is “x0799”, the data will be stored as “x9907”.
    5. Read DDR to Array – The captured data will be stored in the array indicator (Data(Read DDR To Array)) of the VI.
    6. Upon running the VI, the data will be captured.
    7. The data will be transferred through bulk endpoint of CYUSB301X.
    8. HSDC Pro uses “CyAPI.lib” static library provided by Cypress to communicate with the hardware.



  • Okay.

    Thanks alot.

    I'll get back to you after testing this.