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AMC1336-Q1: AMC1336-Q1 or

Part Number: AMC1336-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC12040, ADS7263, , AMC1100, AMC3336, AMC3330, ISOW7841

Hi. I am looking for design to measure AC/DC voltage 0-300V with channel to channel isolation. I have 8 voltage input channel which can have AC and DC input. We are wanting to isolate each channel and measure. AMC1336-Q1 is quite suitable as this gives me isolated ADC channel but for this i need to add another isolated power supply for each of the channel. We have even considered using AMC1100 iso amp with ADS7263 and provide isolate power input using DC to DC converter using UCC12040 however this makes my circuit quite big. Is there any other way i can design my board. Is there any component which provides with isolated ADC channel with DC to DC converter which i saw in maxim integrated? 

  • Hi Rajat,

    Depending on your project timeline, we have a few devices that we can offer. 

    First is the AMC3336, which is essentially the device you are asking for. This device has not fully released yet and I cannot provide further detail on timeline, but the EVM is now available:

    We currently can offer the AMC3306. This device is an isolated ADC and has low input impedance which is ideal for current sensing. It is possible to accurately measure high voltage when using a device with low input impedance, but special care must be taken.

    We also have released the AMC3330 which is an isolated amplifier with high input impedance and +/-1V input range. This device would work well in the socket, but would require an ADC on the low side instead of an SDFM. 

  • Thanks. I was also checking ISOW7841 which shows as quad channel digital isolator with dc-dc converter. wanted to ask if each channel is digitally isolated? also can i use this for AC?DC voltage measurement? As my requirement is each individual channel to be isolated from each other at input level and has ADC and DC-DC converter all built in one IC. AS for AMC3330 is good however there is no stock on your store so procurement could be an issue. 

  • Hi Rajat,

    I do not support ISOW7841, so I suggest you post another question to double-check my answer with a member of their team.  

    Digital isolators pass digital communication across the isolation barrier. Each channel should be is digitally isolated, however they would not be isolated from each other since the data paths are in the same package. Digital isolation is typically used when there is an ADC on the high side that an MCU on the low side needs to communicate via SPI. It could also be used for communication between an MCU on the high and and an MCU on the low side. This device could not be used to sense AC or DC voltage measurements without an ADC on the front end. 

    Yes, unfortunately there is a wide-spread semiconductor shortage at this time. This is affecting all areas of the industry.