ADS1219: status register readings

Part Number: ADS1219


Good Day!

I had this customer who working with ADC ADC1219 and he noticed that the status register that he use to check the availability of conversion sometimes produce value one on bit 7, it means that the data is available but he said that it is wrong and the data is not available. It happens around 1 time in 10000 readings. Any feedback regarding with it?

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Ray Vincent

  • Hi Ray,

    It would be helpful to know the configuration register settings.  It would also be helpful to know how and why the customer thinks the data is wrong or not available.  The RDATA command will always provide the conversion data from the last completed conversion.

    It would also be good to make sure that the communication is valid and that the commands and data are properly ACKnowledged.  An oscilloscope or logic analyzer is very useful in determining issues with communication.  For example, if the RREG command shows a NACK and they continue to send SCL clocks as though the command was successfully written they will see bit 7 as a high in the Status register.  They must make sure that they are verifying the the communication is taking place as it should.

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    Bob B