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DLL of DAC348x EVM Software GUI

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I'm developing a .NET application to interface with the DAC3482EVM to automate some tests (eg. Frequency sweeping in some specific ranges).

But to do that on my application, I need the DLL library of the original GUI or the firmware or the VHDL code which I can modify to interface with my ZedBoard. 

Thank you!

  • In reply to Amine Besbes:

    Hello Amine,

    Apologies for the delay. Please see attached zip file for the DAC348x EVM SPI utilities. The instructions are in the powerpoint file. You will need Labview 2014 installed in order to open up the file. If needed, we can send you the executable version. Please note that we cannot provide further support regarding the Labview codes or software integration. Good luck.


  • In reply to Kang Hsia:

    Hello Kang,
    I'm trying to develope an application for the DAC5682z EVM and Neeraj Gill gave me the link to this thread. So I'm trying to modify your DAC348x EVM software so I can use it with the DAC5682z EVM.
    What does the "DAC438x.txt" mean? And how do I have to modify it for the DAC5682z EVM?

  • In reply to Markus Schlenther:

    Hi Markus,

    The FT245RL chip on the DAC5682z EVM is used do SPI reads and writes to the DAC. For more information please read the attached word document(FTDI pattern generator).

    I have modified the text file to work with DAC5682z EVM and rename it to DAC5682.txt and attached it to this post. I have also updated the instructions in the ppt and attached it to this post.

    I hope this helps.


    Neeraj Gill



    FTDI Pattern Generator.docx

  • In reply to Neeraj Gill:

    >I will need to check internally to see if the details dll and cpp header can be shared.
    >The CDCE62005 PLL can be controlled. You will need to create an associated CDCE62005.txt pattern file. If you open up the DAC3482.txt file you >will notice that it is a description for FTDI USB to GPIO chip bit-banging the SPI line. There are two processes: one for read and one for write. The >first column indicates the GPIO bank on the FTDI chip. One GPIO bank is dedicated as SCLK line, one for SDENB, and one for SDIO, and one for >SDO.

    >I will have to look into this in detail later, but you are welcome to modify this file on your own to see if you can get the CDCE62005 working. >Simply follow the CDCE62005 datasheet and the DAC3482EVM schematic for SPI line routing.

    Hi Kang,

    Yes i already modified the pattern file and I got my pll registers as follows:
    reg: 0x0 => 0x0140000
    reg: 0x1 => 0x811c000
    reg: 0x2 => 0x8140000
    reg: 0x3 => 0x8140000
    reg: 0x4 => 0x0104000
    reg: 0x5 => 0x29f01a6
    reg: 0x6 => 0x44ae001
    reg: 0x7 => 0x965294a
    reg: 0x8 => 0x20009a0

    It is strange that "DAC3484_GUI_v3p8" is appending the register index at the end.
    I guess this is and issue in the GUI as the registers are 28 bit not 32 bit.
    In addition GUI show last two registers slightly different,

    reg: 0x7 => 0x165294a
    reg: 0x8 => 0x2000180

    I guess the GUI is adjusting them.

    The write command is also work, so I assume I have a way to control the DAC card.
    If someone is interested in my test I can provide the code.

    I will move to the TSW1400 now.
    Hopefully will manage to control it as well.

    Best Regards
  • In reply to Dimitar Penev:


    Thanks a lot. The DAC GUI does include the address bit of the CDCE62005 as part of the register data.

    If you do not mind, please upload your CDCE62005 pattern file to this post so we can have a library for DAC348x EVM automation. This would help the E2E community. Thanks again.


  • In reply to Kang Hsia:

    Hi Kang,

    Here it is

    file attached in this postPattern_dac3482evm_cdce62005.txt


  • In reply to Kang Hsia:

    I've tried the LabView program from this zip file on the DAC34H84EVM. If I run the "FTDI Pattern Generator Example Code -" with "TSW308xEVM" as the Device Desc, and any file of my choice for the FTDI Pattern File, all of the subVIs run without error, except for the Read Register VI, which returns error code 1097.

    OK, I can live without reading registers, however, the register writes do not change any register values. I tried looking at the outputs from the USB on an oscilloscope, and I don't see any activity during a register write.

    Has anyone gotten this LabView code to read or write a register?
  • In reply to Dimitar Penev:

     For users want to control their TSW1400EVM, the following is the download link for TSW1400EVM C-based DLL

  • In reply to Tim Daughters:

    The TSW308x EVMs (TSW3085, TSW3084, TSW30H84, and TSW30SH84) may be controlled from the Labview based DLL for the SPI interface. The Labview based DLL is described in the earlier posts.

    Please see below for the associated files:

    LMK04828 SPI Pattern File


    DAC348x SPI Pattern file


    TSW308x CPLD Mux/Switch verilog code:


    User may modify and compile the verilog code under Altera Quartus software, and then use the Altera USB blaster to program the EPM3064 CPLD to control the muxing of the SPI ports. Precompiled firmware can be downloaded:


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