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ADC32RF80EVM: can‘t download

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Part Number: ADC32RF80EVM

I have an ADC32RF80-EVM development board and I need to download the ADC32RFxx EVM GUI Installation software from the website. However, each time the software starts to download for a few minutes, it will display "Failed - need to be authorized". Click and re-download, but the same phenomenon will appear in a few minutes. Caused unable to download. How can I download the software?thanks

  • Chi:

    When you access the software GUI link on the ADC32RF80EVM product page you should be directed to a Government Export approval form.  Besides entering in your personal information, you will need to select if the application is for military or civil use.  If it is for civil use and you select that option, you should be granted access to download the software after you submit the form.  If it is indeed for military use, the approval will not be immediately authorized based on USA export control laws.  in this case you will need to interface with your local TI sales contact so that your situation is assessed and authorized for exporting that particular device and software.


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        yes,i choose civil and begin to download,but cant finish downloading.it shows  "Failed - need to be authorized",when i only download several MB。but the software has 175MB.

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    Hmmm.  It sounds like you can access the software but that something happens after a few Mb of transfer.  I wonder if this is a network speed type issue where something is timing out.  I further suppose that you have tried on multiple occasions just to ensure there was not a web or network glitch.

    You can try this link: https://txn.box.com/s/oocfykwmvnebm4njykl2ssd13zo239i0.  It is valid until 11-18-19.


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    thanks,i cant download from https://txn.box.com/s/oocfykwmvnebm4njykl2ssd13zo239i0.but i download it by other faster network.matby this network is too slow.