ADS131E08: ADS131E08 does not power up

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Part Number: ADS131E08


I'm using an ADS131E08 but I can make it to power up.

My application circuit is as follows:

SPI and RST_AD are also connected to microcontrollers, but they are High-Z right now.

When I measure VCAP1, it is 0.15 V. What can be happening?


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  • Sorry, but I didn't receive any response. Can someone help me? Thanks!

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    I've looked through the schematic, and I don't see anything wrong in the pin connections. However there are a few things to check. First, I would make sure that the START command has been issued. With that, you should see a /DRDY indication for the conversions.

    I would also check to see that the /RESET and /PDWN are both high. As active low, they go into reset or power-down when they go low. Check to see that the master clock is going CLK.

    I would also look at the physical connections on your board. Make sure that there aren't any solder bridges or unexpected shorts from pin to pin. Can you show a photo of the device on the board and a layout?

    Joseph Wu

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    Hi Joseph!

    Thanks for your response.

    I will generate the images and let you know.

    However, I've been analyzing the application note of the ADS131E08 and I noticed that all the capacitors connected to VCAP pins are not polarized. I used electrolytic polarized capacitors. Can this make the AD to not work?



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    Here is the layout of my board. As i mentioned before, I used electrolytic capacitors, so they are polarized. Can it be a problem?