DAC5687: Interleave mode

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Part Number: DAC5687


I think Interleave mode is to input A and B data one after the other but fdata speed is double of A or B data. I think this is written in figure 50.

DAC5687 interpolation is x2 tp x8. In Figure 49, DAC clock is 2x to 16x. I guess 16x means 2xfdata with x8 interporlation, I guess 2x means 2xfdata without interpolation.

I am confused about Figure 49. Clocking before interpolation is written FDATA. After x2 interpolation, 2FDATA is written. x2 interporation can be bypassed. I am not clear 2FDATA is after Interpolation or not.

I thought Interleave mode is to work below but I am getting to think DAC5687 may work differently.


Would you let us know what is the right interleave mode operation?

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Toshihiro Watanabe

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