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ADS1261EVM: ADS1261EVM doesn't stat to collect data

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Part Number: ADS1261EVM

Hi team,

I'm trying to operate ADS1261EVM using delta-sigma ADC evaluation software.

However it doesn't start to collect data(GUI shows nothing) regardless of register setting as attached and busy red LED continues to blinking.

Could you please provide any advice to operate the EVM correctly?

Best regards,

Shota Mago

  • Hi Shota,

    The issue may be the collection time, which unfortunately the GUI doesn't give an indication for...

    By default, the ADS1261 is programmed to have a data rate of 20 SPS, and the GUI has a default of 2048 samples selected. If you use both of these default values, then it will take at least 102 seconds for the hardware to collect this data.

    Try increasing the data rate (by programming the "DR" field in the MODE0 register) OR reducing the number of samples and see if that resolves the issue.

    Best regards,
    Chris Hall
    Applications Engineer | Precision ADCs

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