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Sorry if this question is quite rudimentary, but if you are using the ADS7952 and wish to use the High and Low alarm related GPIO's, what external components do you attach to these pins? The pin can go high and low, so does that mean you just put a resistor to gnd on both pins (ensuring the 10ma spec isn't surpassed), and that the pin voltage is held (for example) at 2.5VDC, so that a high is 5VDC and a low is around GND?


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  • Hello,

    No such thing, this should have been clearly stated.

    If using the GPIOs as alarm notifications, there is no need for other components connected to the signals.

    The ADS79xxEVM has a User Guide that can help to connecting the device.

    When shows using the GPIOs as a FPIO function, there does need to be a pull up, the document shows a 47.5kOhm resistor. but for alarm interrupt functionanitly, no pull up is needed