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ADS1158EVM-PDK: Differential vs Single ended input setup

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Part Number: ADS1158EVM-PDK


I am having trouble using the analogue inputs as single ended inputs, such as when I plug the positive signal into A0 and the ground into the GND pins on the J1A pin header. From the ADCPro I get good voltages to read in when I set it up as a differential input such as hooking the positive signal to A0 and  the ground into A1 but not in the single ended configuration.

  • Hi Matt,

    Welcome to the E2E forum!  You have not stated which mode you are running, such as Fixed Channel or Auto Scan.  It sounds like maybe you are using Auto Scan.  In Fixed Channel mode you select which input is connected to AINP and which input is connected to AINN.  In Auto Scan mode the input you select is referenced to AINCOM.  So if you are using the Auto Scan mode you must make sure that the AINCOM input is not floating.  At the top of page 5 in the ADS1158EVM user's guide there is a discussion on how to connect AINCOM to GND.  Basically you need 2 shorting jumpers installed. J2 pins 11 and 12 need to be shorted, and J1A pins 9 and 10 need to be shorted.

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    Bob B

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    Thank you so much that fixed it.