ADC08B3000: About adc08b3000 test pattern output functions

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Part Number: ADC08B3000

I have a question about the test pattern output function on adc08b3000.

I want to output test patterns to both D1 and D2 ports.  I am debugging using this test pattern output function.

The data sheet contains pattern ”sequence n”” and ”pattern sequence N + 1”.

Does "pattern sequence n" and "pattern sequence N + 1" mean that?  (Unfortunately, they are not detailed in the data sheet.)

The data sheet also contains expected values from time T0 to time T15. I think that when reading the capture buffer, test

patterns are output in order from T0 to T15. But, I feel that the test pattern is output randomly.

Every time I read the capture buffer, I feel the test pattern output order is not constant.

If you have any thoughts about these phenomena, please let me know.

Could you tell me if there are any rules for normal output of test patterns?

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    We are looking into this.



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    Dear Jim,

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