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DAC38J82: Problem with DAC PLL is out of lock sometimes

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Part Number: DAC38J82

Good day to all!

We use the DAC38J82 and it works fine, but sometimes the DAC PLL is out of lock.
When reading the DAC registers, the difference is only in the memin_pll_lfvolt (config49), if everything works fine then it is 100, if the problem is with the DAC PLL then it is 011.
Both values memin_pll_lfvolt are valid. What could be the problem that the DAC PLL is out of lock?

I attached two files with DAC registers. DAC_GOOD.txt - DAC works correctly, DAC_BAD.txt - when DAC PLL is out of lock.DAC_GOOD.txtDAC_BAD.txt