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ADS1261: Not able to use analog channels AIN2 and AIN3 as GPIOs

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Part Number: ADS1261


I am trying to configure AIN2 and AIN3 as GPIOs to be used as outputs. 

Register setting are :

initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_ID]             =     0x00;           /* NOTE: This a read-only register */
initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_STATUS]         =     STATUS_CLEAR;    /* NOTE: This a non-default setting */
initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_MODE0]            =     0x4C;            
initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_MODE1]         =     0x41;    
initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_MODE2]         =     0x30;
initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_MODE3]         =     0x00;    
initRegisterMap[REG_ADDR_REF]             =     0x15;   

I am observing pulses on AIN2 and AIN3 instead of continuously low signal.

Can anyone help me to understand the issue.

  • Hi Mahesh,

    In the MODE1 register, you are turning on the 2-wire AC excitation mode (0100 0001), which uses the AIN2 and AIN3 pins. This is probably causing the issue, since this function will send pulses at approximately the data rate to for AC excitation mode. Please turn this off (set CHOP[1:0] = 00) and see if this helps