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ADS8363: ADS8363 Specification

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Part Number: ADS8363

ADS8363 is differential input ADC IC.

but, when I use this ADS8363, It has to use differential input Opamps in front of ADS8363 input.

Why differential opamp should be in the input? is this neccesary?

I want to design circuit without opamp as much as possible.

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    A typical SAR ADC uses a switch-capacitor input circuit to sample the analog input voltage. This presents a dynamic load to the front-end analog signal chain. An amplifier stage with adequate gain-bandwidth product and low output impedance is required to drive this dynamic load and settle the input voltage during the ADC's acquisition time. We cover this topic in greater detail in our online TI Precision Labs - ADCs training videos!

    The fully-differential amplifier circuits shown in the ADS8363 data sheet are good options to start with for your evaluation.

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    Ryan Andrews

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I will proceed with the design using an amplifier.

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