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TSW3084EVM: Spurs with example setup

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Part Number: TSW3084EVM


We are running the example setup section 3.4 in the user guide, using TSW3084 and  TSW1406

Please see the attached picture with spurs at offset of n*1.228MHz. I'm guessing that it is related to the DAC CLK 1228.8MHz, but we cannot eliminate those spurs. 

We tried shutting down every non essential function in the board including clock but no success

Please advise



  • Hi Izik,

    This looks like either a mis-configuration of the interpolation block or misconfiguration of the FRAME/OSTR for the FIFO pointers. Please check the following configuration guide to see if any of the FRAME/OSTR or NCO sync signals are being continuously triggered.

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    In reply to Kang Hsia:

    I tried working without NCO and complex mixer, now the signal is located around 30MHz, but still same spurs. 

    I turned off the FIFO input sync source, and set the FIFO output sync source to SIF SYNC - no effect

    I turned off the clock divider sync - no effect

    Can you please send the configuration files for both boards so we can follow the exact setup? 


  • In reply to Izik:


    The TSW3084 software GUI installer should have installed some working configuration files already. Could you please refer to the user’s guide directory below for detail?




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    In reply to Kang Hsia:

    This is exactly what we did 

    Used the configuration file dac3484_1228p8MHz_4XINT_NCO_30MHz_dual_sync_sources for the TSW3084  (from the clock dist. folder)

    and WCMDA_TM1_ComplexIF30MHz_Fdata_307.2MHz for the TSW1406 board

  • In reply to Izik:

    This is being investigated offline. The spur is due to discontinuity is longer waveform playback by the TSW1406. TSW1400 is needed to play the full waveform.