ADC08D1500: Temperature diode

Part Number: ADC08D1500

Hi Team,

Our customer is using ADC08D1500 in an old design and try to read the temperature using the temperature diode. He noticed a higher temperature than expected and some glitches.According to the customer, he noticed a remark on the datasheet about the temp diode " however no specified accuracy is implied or ensured". 

Page 46 of the datasheet states that "As a convenience to the user, the ADC08D1500 incorporates a thermal diode to aid in temperature measurement. However, this diode has not been characterized and TI has no information to provide regarding its characteristics. Hence, no information is available as to the temperature accuracy attainable when using this diode."

He would like to clarify what it means and would like to know if he can use the diode for testing or it is not recommended?



  • Hi Danilo,

    We're looking into this for you and will provide an update as soon as we can.


  • Danilo,

    On page 12 of the ADC08D1500 datasheet, the customer can find measured voltage at two specified temps. Unfortunately, as stated on page 46, we cannot guarantee any kind of accuracy for this diode.

    We suggest that the customer record voltage and temperature to create a table of their own. This would be a good way to check for repeatability/accuracy and would ultimately allow the customer to decide if they want to use this based on their measured performance of the diode.

    Regards, Chase

  • Hi Chase,

    Thank you very much for the clarification.