AFE5809: Ibis model with inputs pins

Part Number: AFE5809
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Hi Team,

We are using  CLKP_ADC/CLKM_ADC  pins of AFE5809 as inputs in our design as receiver. The alternate ibis model suggest by Ti (AFE5808 lvds.ibs) has only LVDS outputs pins are defined in it. 

Could you please suggest any method to define CLKP_ADC/CLKM_ADC pins in ibis model? Or any other equivalent ibis model available if any.


Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Nagesh,

    Unfortunately in AFE5808_lvds.ibis we have modelled only lvds transmitter of the device and input clock buffers are not modelled. We don't have any other IBIS model for the same. Please let us know if you any other queries.