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6.1.1 Debug Error using MSP432P401R Launchpad

I got a debug error on my "main machine" running a licensed copy of CCSv6.1.0, so
I did a clean install of CCSv6.1.1 on another machine, choosing install options for
MSP430, MSP432, and TivaC. I accepting all the defaults and created a workspace in
D:\TI\MSP432_WS\. I ran CCSv6.1.1 and used App Center to install/update the
following CCS Add-ons:
MSP430 GCC            MSPWare               GUI Composer           CC3200 Add-On 
TI-RTOS for MSP43x    TI-RTOS for TivaC     TI-RTOS for Simplet..  TI ARM Compiler
MSP430 Compiler       Javascript Develop..  CDT GNU                ARM GCC
Grace Peripheral Co.. 

I used TI Resource Explorer to import the project:

I connected a MSP432P401R LaunchPad, compiled, and ran the program, which echoed
characters to Tera Term at 115,200 baud (as expected). When I paused operation to
look at variables with the Debugger, I got the following error:

Can't find a source file at "C:\space\msp432-driverlib\build\MSP432P4xx/cpu.c"
Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location.

This is the exact same error that I had gotten on the other PC running CCSv6.1.0.

I could resume the program operation and it appeared to operate properly, but I
could not pause and look at variables with the debugger.

Can anyone give me a hand? Where do I find "source lookup path"?

Jim Smith

Jim Smith