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DLPLCR65EVM: Equivalent EVM with more memory

Part Number: DLPLCR65EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, DLPC910, DLPC410, DLP500YX

Hello Guys,

Good day.

Customer have the following inquiries:

1) is DLPLCR65EVM same as DLPLCR6500EVM?

2) DLPLCR6500EVM can only store 400 binary patterns in on-board memory. Do we offer development kits that have more memory? Possibly with a different DMD chip?

3) Ideally customer would like a module that can hold say ~10,000-100,000 frames in memory. Does TI offers an EVM with such a capability? And if not, what are the options for the customer?

4) Would they need to buy the chipset and assemble the whole thing themselves?

5) What limits the amount of memory the EVM they are using -- is this a hardware limitation of some part of the chipset, or a design choice that for evaluation 400 patterns should be sufficient?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello Art,

    Let me see if I can help.

    1) The DLPLCR65EVM is the DLP6500BFYE DMD + eval board + flex cable. The other EVM adds the controller board and controller to the DMD board and cable.

    2) There is memory in the DLPC900 controller itself, and storing patterns there would provide the fastest access. There is also memory on the controller board for additional pattern storage. Our new EVMs have single and dual controller options. Here is the dual controller board EVM which has more memory on board than the previous DLPLCR6500EVM design.

    3) We would have to review the request and make recommendations on design changes.

    4) The EVMs could offer a way for the customer to get started with TI technology. The EVMs are in effect reference designs and not necessarily tested for all production applications. For the customer's production design, yes, they would need to purchase TI components.

    5) TI made a choice for the memory size and design for the EVM. There could be other options for the customer. The hardware and controller firmware would need to be evaluated together to make sure other options are compatible.

    Please let us know how we can help.



  • Hello Art,

    To add further clarification to Matt's response.  There is flash storage that can store patterns and the newer generation of EVMs have more flash memory than before.

    The controller itself has a video buffer of 400 1-bit patterns that can be run at one time.  

    The added flash means that you can load many more files into flash memory for much faster access for loading into the controller buffer than loading them over USB.  It will still have to be done in groups of 400 bits (i.e. 400 binary patterns or 50 8-bit patterns.  There is a small period of stopping the patterns and loading them from flash to the controller DDR memory buffer.

    If you need to run many many patterns continuously, then Video Pattern mode may be a better option.  This requires building the files in advance and showing them as a "video" over DP or HDMI.


  • Thanks Guys!

    Customer just like to confirm if the DLPLCR900DEVM can run more than 400 patterns at 10KHz with minimal jitter?

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  • Hello again Art,

    for clarity, you mean 400 binary patterns.  Is that correct?


  • Hi Fizix

    Yes that is correct. See below response from the customer in verbatim.

    "So does that mean there is no DMD EVM offered by TI which is capable of playing more than 400 1-bit patterns?

    It would be helpful If I could understand what sets the 400 bit limit. Is this limit imposed by the DLPC900 chip itself, or some other component or design decision of the EVM?

    Is this based on the amount of the DRAM, which the website indicates is 128MB I would guess that the memory is not the limitation, as for patterns with a high enough compression you could fit more than 400 in 128MB.

    Are there other DMD/DMD controller combinations that offer a larger number of 1-bit patterns? There is no reason we are limited to products associated with the DLP Lightcrafter 6500."

    Thanks and regards,


  • Art,

    As stated above, this limit is set by the DDR memory buffer inside the controller itself.  The DDR buffer memory is necessarily uncompressed, so that the loading time from the buffer to the DMD is predictable.

    When a batch of images is loaded from Flash to the DDR buffer it is decompressed at that time.

    We have third parties such as ViALUX that make systems that can in fact hold more patterns in memory on board their controller board.  These are binary controllers such as the DLPC410 or DLPC910.

    I hope this helps.


  • The combination of the new DLP500YX with its dual DLPC900 controllers can store 800 1 bit patterns in internal memory

    TI has an EVM offering for both +

    A good comparison table can be found at:

    Expand 3D machine vision products and development kits

    To operate with 10,000-100,000 frames in memory they can use DLP Light COntrol DMDs supported by the DLPC410 controller with external memory

    As Ben reported Vialux is a DLP partner that offers products with this capability of the shelf

    Their V-7001 product supports 87,380 patterns in memory