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DLP3010 Incorrect internal pattern after "Write Pattern Order Table Entry"

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I'm using a DLP3010 projector and trying to switching between different pattern sets during the runtime.

For example: I have two pattern groups A and B for different features,

Group A contains 2 pattern set, the number of patterns in each set is 6 and 6.

Group B contains 2 pattern set, the number of patterns in each set is 6 and 6.

I use Group A as the default pattern order table when I program the flash using 3010 GUI.

In my code, I use DLPC34XX_DUAL_WritePatternOrderTableEntry to load the two pattern sets in group A and B during runtime.

I found that sometimes the projected patterns will be incorrect if I switch patterns from one group to another. After this issue happens, I immediately use "run once" on 3010 GUI, the patterns are still not correct. However, if I do "run once" a few more times, the patterns will be correct. And this issue happens again if I switch patterns again in my code.

I was wondering if it's possible to switch patterns during runtime by using API and how to properly do that.



  • Xinran,

    Have you tried monitoring the I2C bus during these transactions to see which commands are (or are not) being sent during the failure case? This may give some insight into what commands you should be sending to reproduce the correct behavior.

    You can verify the list of commands in the DLPC3478 programmer's guide:



  • Thank you for your reply, Philippe.

    I did more test and found the failure case may be related to LED setting. I can reproduce the error by just using 3010 GUI by following operations:

    Light Control -> Pattern Control -> Internal Patterns -> Run Once (Correct pattern)

    Display -> IntelliBright -> Uncheck Enable LED -> Set -> check Enable LED -> Set

    Light Control -> Pattern Control -> Internal Patterns -> Run Once (Incorrect pattern) -> Run Once (Correct pattern)

  • Xinran, 

    From the above description I assume you are trying to switch between individual patterns, similar to step functionality in the GUI. Is that correct? 

    I don't think this issue is related to the LED settings.



  • Hi Mayank,

    Thank you for your reply. It's not the same as "step" functionality in the GUI. By using the GUI, I think we can only load one pattern order table (may contain multiple sets) into flash and "run" that table "once", "continuously", or by "step".

    I was trying to load and switch two different pattern order tables during runtime.

    I used to have a similar issue on 4710 projector when I use different number of patterns for different tables. For example, use 6+6 for table A, and use 1 for table B. And the issue is solved by keeping number of patterns same for the first set in different tables (using 6+6 for table A and 6 for table B).

    Now on 3010 projector, I use 6+6 for both table A and B. At first I thought is was a similar issue to 4710. However, later I found that the issue on 3010 may relate to LED settings. This issue only appears when I disable and re-enable LED before switching to another table.

  • Xinran,

    Can you share your pattern configurations? It is otherwise a bit confusing and this may help provide a baseline for us to understand your problem.