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DLP9500UV: DMD Chip Product Selection

Part Number: DLP9500UV
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC410, , DLP9500, DLP500YX, DLP300S

Hi Team,

May I ask for help? Our customer have a concern as shown below:

" I want to customize two light projector, here ask for your assistance. I am looking for DMD chip with 365nm output DMD, and the 455nm output DMD. The DMD is better have the resolution 1080p or the 2k. can you also give the this two options in consideration and give me the specification comparation, and the price as well. The DMD chips should also have the controller board."

I am now checking DLP9500UV and DLPC410 for the 365nm output DMD. Can you confirm if this is a fit solution?

As for 455nm output DMD, can you please advise of  what device would fit and a controller for it? Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

  • Hi Gerald.

    Nice to meet you. The DLP9500UV device is indeed a good candidate for the 365nm wavelength range. This device also has a visible window version, the DLP9500 which runs with the same DLPC410 controller. Please check out the datasheet for the DLP9500 and see if the customer would be ok with this product. 

    The main difference is the window, as well as the specifications for the UV vs. visible wavelength performance.



  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your response. Our customers are very interested in the chips mentioned. Here we still have some questions want to inquire with you.
    1. Regarding the chips DLP9500UV, If I understand correctly, it's output wavelength should relevant to the illuminating LED wavelength, so do you have the supplementary LED light source recommendation? it is better have the 365nm fixed-wavelength emission. please help us to take the LED into consideration. also the LED for the visible chips.

    2. About the resolution of the chips, could you also suggest the chips with the 2k resolution (both the UV and the visible please). Also just to confirm, I am now checking DLP300S and DLP500YX. Are these also a good fit that we can also consider?

    Thank you so much for your support.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Gerald,

    The 365nm LED suppliers should have all of their information on the web. Luminous, Nichia, Osram and others are all players in this space, and should have datasheets available online. You will have to research the power levels, switching speeds, wavelength range, etc. that meet your requirements. We cannot really recommend one over the other.

    TI has quite a few 1080/2K resolution chips. The devices come in different packages that meet different performance and price targets. The DLP300S is designed for low power density UV 3-D printing applications, and the DLP500YX has a visible window on it for the 420-700nm wavelength range. They are very different than the DLP9500 / DLP9500UV, so again, they are designed and specified for very different applications.

    Please consider the requirements of your application, and then if you like, we can have a conversation offline about options. 

    Thank you,