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DLPLCR4500EVM: Is it possible to download pattern images to the DLP4500 with the USB interface?

Part Number: DLPLCR4500EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLP4500, DLPC350

Hi, apologies in advance, I have very little exposure to dlp products, so some terms and concepts are new to me, and my questions might be naive.  

My goal is to download patterns to the DLP4500 through the USB interface (so that latter I will be able to use them). 

I've been looking at the DLPU010G (DLPC350 Programmer’s Guide), and from what I understand the way to do that on windows is to embed them into the firmware and then download the firmware.   

This doesn't seem right to me, so I just wanted the perspective of people more experienced than me. 

If there is a step by step procedure (preferably in python or in another language), I would appreciate if you could send me the link. 

Thanks in advance


PS: I've managed to use the video mode to project my images, however my main problem is that it seems that there is some additional processing the video pipeline that it seems that I do not to have direct control (apparently using the pattern sequences does not to apply gamma correction and/or color mapping etc).

  • Hello Nikolaos,

    Welcome to DLP forum and thank you for your interest in DLP technology.

    The pattern /image file needs to embedded in the firmware, Please refer to "section 3.5  Storing Images in Flash Memory" (page 38) of DLp4500 EVM user guide  for details.

    You can use GUI to create the firmware with desired pattern.



  • Is there an upper limit of images/patterns that I can insert in the firmware of the dlp4500EVM (assuming 24 bit images)? I have a worry that the number of layers maybe too many and the memory requirements too much, and therefore it wouldn't run out of memory. So I was hoping to "feed" them into the machine as the process went on. 

  • Hello Nikolas,

    The number of images/patterns is constrained by the size of the flash. The EVM has 32 MB flash and it used to store the DLPC350 firmware and 24-bit compress images.

    The DLPC350 controller has two image buffers and can load 2 24-bit images in the buffer  i.e. 48 bit fields.  They can be displayed at supported pattern rate.  If you application uses more than 48-bit field (two 24-bit frames) then ~200 millisecond load time is required for next image. This will limit how fast you can display patterns.  Please refer to  "3.3.3 Image Load Timing" section (page 33) of the DLp4500 EVM guide for details.