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DLP9000: DLPC900 and DLP9000 idle mode frequency

Part Number: DLP9000
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Hi, I am a newbie for DLP. I am wondering what is the frequency of the mirror flipping in the idle mode. I am using DLPC900 controller and DLP9000 DMD. I couldn't find the relevant information in the datasheets. Thanks a lot!

  • Hello Yanfei,

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    For idle mode, I assume you mean that the frame data coming in is the same and a static image is displayed. This can be with the illumination on or off. Is this correct?

    Mirror crossover time is shown in section 7.2 of the DLP9000 datasheet. The mirrors have to wait for the data to be loaded, and then they are issued a command to flip. This happens internally in the DMD. There is proprietary information at the mirror level that we do not share, but instead focus a lot of our documentation on the chipset operation for these industrial applications.

    Section 7.9 of the DLP9000 datasheet shows the variations of bit depth and pattern rate. 

    Idle mode can also mean that a park sequence was issued like in section 11.3 of the DLP9000 datasheet and that the mirrors are flat. Obviously, there is no flipping at this time.

    Please let us know what other questions you might have. 



  • Yanefi,

    I wanted to add to Matt's reply.  In the EVM Guides (DLP101 - DLPC900 Single Controller EVM & DLP102 - DLPC900 Dual Controller EVM) there is a 50/50 mode that is called "idle mode" which runs the mirrors at 50/50 (50% on / 50% off).  

    This is discussed in section 3.6.7 on page 42 in both the Single and Dual Controller Guides.

    Since the load & display time for a single binary pattern on the DLP9000 is 105 us then a full cycle of on and off for this function would be around 210 us which is about 4.76 kHz for a full on off cycle.  I do not see that a value is listed in the DLPC900 Controller data sheet, the DMD data sheet, or the EVM data sheet.

    If this function is what you are referring to, I hope this helps.


  • Hi, Fizix, Thanks, that's what I am looking for. And also, the number is consistent to the specification on the first page of DLP9000 datasheet which says Up to up to 9523 Hz for 1-Bit Binary Patterns. That's exactly what you have given for a load and display time for a single binary pattern. Thanks. 

  • Thanks for you answer, Matt. The idle mode I am referring to is the 50/50 "idle mode" in user's guide Section 3.6.6. And Fizix helped me below with what  I am looking for. But Thanks for the extra information. For a newbie, it's equally important information. 

  • Hi Yanfei.

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