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DLPC7540EVM: DLP products forum

Part Number: DLPC7540EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLP650TE, DLP471TE, DLPC7540, DLP471TEEVM, , DLP650TEEVM, DLP660TE, DLPC4422

 Hi TI's Friends

I am a systems engineer from  Wintech inc

I am in charge of developing both DLPC7540+DLP471TE and DLPC7540 + DLP650TE 4K UHD products

We encountered some problems, please help TI to analyze these problems

First : Hardware 

1, We purchased and received TI's DLPC7540EVM, DLP471TEEVM, DLP650TEEVM

Second: Software

1. The version of Composer project is 4.0.0 which was shared from TI Broad Market Software

2. The composer's version is 15.1.0

Third: XPR Actuator

1,  ACT900047C-12 from miniAik

2. XPR-20 from Optotune

Fourth: Questions

1, DLPC7540 uart0 can display ACT900047C-12 information but Actuator does not work

2, The same result corresponds to the XPR-20

Fifth: Guess reasons

A, Error : composer config error

B, V4.0.0 FW do not supports 

C, Hardware problems

D, DLP GUI setting error

Ask TI to help analyze the problem and give suggestions

The operation process is described in detail as follows


For ACT900047C-12 

Result: Get ACT900047C-12 actuator information successfully but ACT900047C-12 Actuator not work still 

Get .47C-12 Actuator information

Composer config :

Actuator type : TI Common Actuator Interface [MCU] for miniAik Actuators and PWM mode 

Change IIC address of XPR actuator 144 from default 160 of Optotune XPR-20

connecting image (tested both .47 and .65 miniAik actuator)


PC read EDID successfully and IT6807 led is on 


DLP471TE DMD displays PC desktop image successfuly

why  XPR actuators all do not work 

I suspect that the composer project version 4.0.0 is too low which do not support XPR


For XPR-20, Test repot 

Result: Get XPR-20 actuator information successfully but XPR-20 Actuator not work still

Hardware :

DLPC7540EVM + DLP 471TEEVM + XPR-20 (Optotune)

Composer Configs:

A . Actuator Type : TI Common Actuator Interface [EEPROM] + 24C64 + Position 20

B, Driver Mode : PWM (default is DAC) (refer to XPR-20 datasheet

Debug log:

Get XPR-20  Actuator informations successfully (Please refer to Annex <debug-log.txt> attachment)

FW version :

Firmware version is 4.0.0 not 4.4.0 or later

But Optotune XPR-20 need the latest firmware then V 4.0.0 


Schematic copied from DLPC7540EVM Formatter Board P14

this design support PWM only 4-way  (DLPC4422EVM support DAC only 2-way)

so I changed to PWM mode from default DAC mode in the Composer Actuator config

Optotune suggest modifying the TI PWM reference scheme 

Do I need to modify refering to XPR-20 datasheet

Composer project:

Can you share me the latest composer project which includes the latest FW

My TI account is


Calibration Pattern:

XPR did not work When enable Calibration Pattern From TI GUI


Can you guide me to make XPR work

I have experience in using XPR and developed products using DLPC4422+DLP660TE+2-way actuator

and understand how XPR works

And make sure there is no problem with the hardware connection including HDMI, DMD, XPR and so on

Thank you for any information and help

Best Regards