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DLP9000: DLPLCR6500LCR & DLPLCR9000LCR: Mirror Duty Cycle

Part Number: DLP9000

Question on how the mirrors on both the DLP6500 and DLP9000 operate.

Say we have a duty cycle of 20/80, with 20% off-state and 80% on-state, and 1 second exposure time.

Do the mirrors, 

A) Stay off for 200ms, then on for 800ms.
B) Stay on for 800ms, then off for 200ms.
C) Have an algorithm that interweaves the on and off states, Example: Does 2 off states for every 8 on states and cycles for the duration of 1 second.
D) Different scenario? Could you elaborate? 

  • Jimmy,

    This will depend very much on the Operational mode.  If it is one of the pattern modes (Pre-Stored Pattern Mode or Pattern On-the-Fly Mode) then the user will define the bit-depth and a gray level that will result in 20/80 or close to that or will define exposure times that result in 20/80.  The display times will be defined by the user and could be as in A or B.

    In the Video Mode, the sequence is quite complex for the 24-bit RGB that is shown, so that it is as you suggest interweaved like C.

    Video Pattern Mode is very similar to the other two pattern modes, other than that the bit-depths and pixels chosen from the Video RGB stream by the user and that will determine the effiective duty cycle.  The overall sequence defined by the user must be complete by the end of the video frame.