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DLP4500: Patterns projected overlapped and load time

Part Number: DLP4500

Hi TI,

I have 9 1-bit patterns (vertical lines on each pattern) stored in the firmware, the exposure time for each pattern is 18ms and the pattern period is 20ms.

But I am not able to display them correctly. The pattern images look like they are overlapped.

I checked the image load timing on GUI, it shows the time for image to be loaded from fresh to memory is around 100ms. I then used pattern sequence setting to test the patterns and found if I set the pattern period to 100ms (pattern exposure time remains unchanged), then the patterns are projected correctly.

Is there a way to compressed the pattern image so I don't have to wait for 100ms? Are the speed of 1 bit patterns higher than 10Hz? 





  • Hello Derlin,

    Welcome to DLP forum and thank you for your interest in DLP technology. 

    If you only 9 1-bit pattern, then we should run form the internal buffer memory once patterns have been loaded from flash.

    Please refer to chapter 4 of the EVM user guide for details:

    DLP® LightCrafterTm 4500 Evaluation Module User's Guide (Rev. F)



  • Hi Vivek,

    Thanks for your promptly reply,

    Below are the steps I took, please correct me if I did something wrong,

    1. The patterns are stored in firmware and uploaded under "firmware upload" tab.

    2. Under pattern sequence setting:

        select white, flash index 0, Bit Depth 1, G0, then add 

        select white, flash index 1, Bit Depth 1, G1, then add, and so on (index 2, G2; index 3 G3.....)

        set pattern exposure to 20000us period to 22000us, check "once" (or "repeat") then click "send".

    3. Under pattern sequence start/stop/pause, click "validate", wait for the green light ("sequential validated")

        then click play. 

    The result shows that patterns are mixed (or overlapped?). If I only set up 2 patterns from above mentioned steps and run it, the projected patterns are correct, but if I try to more 3 patterns, then it just not correct.

    Please advise! Thank you!!





  • Hello Derlin,

    Please allow us until the end of the week to consider these steps and to get back to you.



  • Hello Derlin,

    Could you please share the .ini file for our analysis and further understnading.

    Thanks in advance



  • Hi Akhil,

    Thank for your reply. I figured it out. In order to project 24 images of 1bit pattern without the loading delay, I need to use layered image. Thanks for your assistance.