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DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2: Can't upload firmware through GUI

Part Number: DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPDLC-GUI, , DLP4710EVM-LC


In an earlier attempt to upload firmware (using the wrong GUI, powered off mid-process) I believe I have corrupted some data that allows the 4710EVM to connect via usb to the correct GUI.

The fans start when switched on but the button doesn't turn the LEDs/splash screen on (whereas it used to when purchased).

Similarly, the GUI says the unit is switched on but not connected (previous experience has shown me that is shows 'connected' after the button is pushed).

Is there a way to load the firmware (dpp3439-dual-ASIC_7.3.2.img) to the system?

I believe I can successfully upload MSP430 code (using a launchpad and supplied MSP430 software) if that helps - perhaps editing Main.c of PICO-FLA7-PAD3005... script to bypass or replace the button push, to allow connection to the GUI, and then upload as normal?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hello User,

    Welcome to the E2E forum and thank you for your interest in DLP® technology!

    From your description it sounds as though you may be correct in saying that the current DLP firmware flashed is corrupted. Luckily there are a couple of methods that we can use to correct the situation.

    Let's begin with the simple, cheaper solution. Please try the following steps:

    1. If you do not already have it installed, please download the DLPDLC-GUI available here
      1. It may seem counter-intuitive to download the Light Control GUI to flash a display chipset, but the Light Control GUI is more agnostic so what platform it is targeting. This will allow a more seamless flash in the case that the software is not able to recognize the EVM.
    2. Connect your DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2 to power and connect to your PC without switching the ON switch.
      1. The EVM SPI flash devices are typically powered by standby power, so switching on the system should be unnecessary.
    3. Open the Light Control DLP EVM GUI and select DLP4710EVM-LC under the EVM Selection tab on the left
      2. This will configure the EVM for a dual ASIC configuration like your DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2
    4. In the Firmware tab select the "Flash Firmware" box, navigate to the desired firmware image, and click "Start Update"
    5. Once the flash process is complete for both controllers, please try switching the EVM on to check if the issue has been corrected.

    If this solves your issue please click the "Resolved" button on this post.



  • Hi Austin,

    Thanks for responding.  Unfortunately it didn't work.

    I installed the GUI version you linked to and followed the steps.  The software hung when it got to the 'Erasing Slave Stage'.

    I tried the same process with the 7.4 4710 version of the GUI, and it similarly got through the Master Erase/Write/Verify but failed verification on the Slave.

    I hope this helps narrow down the source of the issue.

    Could you please recommend next steps?


  • Hello Drew,

    Is it that you are only notable to update firmware but are able to communicate with device. Or you are not able to even communicate ?



  • Hi Akhil,

    I am unable to communicate with the GUI, presumably because when I press the ON button, the projector startup sequence fails.

    (i.e. the GUI recognises that a DLP unit is connected (MSP430 functional) but can not properly connect (eg. can't 'Get' or 'Set', 'Device not connected'), possibly because of a flash/firmware corruption).

    If you have alternate theories, tests or solutions I am happy to try them out.


  • Hi Drew,

    You mentioned before that the LEDs do not show any activity. Just to confirm, D33 and D34 are not driving high at all? If not, please try probing the board to see check if the 3.3V rail is coming up with a multi-meter or scope. The schematic for the DLPDLCR4710EVM can be found on the TIDA-01226 reference design page, but the 3.3V rail should be on one of the ends of either D33 or D34. Is this voltage present?



  • Hi Austin,

    Both D33 and D34 have 3.3V on one end and ~2.3V on the other, although neither are lit up.

    (If it is of any relevance, when the power switch is on D43 and D57 are on,

    then when the button is pushed D57 turns off, D56 flashes twice (no obvious timing interval) then D57 turns back on.)

    *Just to clarify for documentation purposes/anyone reading this later, the LEDs I was referring to were the power RGB leds for the display. 

    Some small LEDs on the board do turn on as expected.*

    Thanks for your continued help,

  • Hello Drew,

    Thank you for the information and we will take this into account.



  • Hi everyone,

    I managed to re-flash both Winbond 25Q64 SPI chips directly in-circuit (with dpp3439-dual-ASIC_7.3.2.img, per chip) using a CH341a programmer and the projector shows the splash image when the button is pressed.

    I haven't checked GUI connectivity but I assume it will work now.