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[FAQ] Supported USB to I2C Adapters

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: USB2ANY, DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2

In order to establish communication with many of the DLP® Pico chipsets it is necessary to use an USB to I2C adapter. The 34xx platforms that are able to be connected directly into a PC have a Cypress chip implemented to handle this connection automatically. In the case of communication with custom board designs with a PC it will be necessary to have a USB to I2C adapter incorporated into the schematic or as an external adapter board. The engineers at DLP® can recommend the following adapters:

  1. Texas Instruments USB2ANY Interface Adapter
    1. The USB2ANY adapter is a versatile dongle capable of allowing a PC to communicate through multiple communication protocols such as SPI, UART, and I2C.
    2. To establish I2C connection the 3.3V, ground, SCL, and SDA pins must be properly connected to the corresponding signals shared with the targeted DLPC
    3. The drawback to using the USB2ANY with a DLP chipset is that the adapter has not been incorporated into the supported GUI software as of the writing of this post. The adapter can, however, be to used when developing software using DLPC APIs.
  2. Infineon Cypress USB-Serial Dual Channel (UART/I2C/CPI) Bridge
    1. a. The cypress bridge chip is the USB/I2C bridge that has commonly been used on 34xx EVMs.
    2. SDKs for Cypress support can be found on the Infineon website.
    3. Examples of hardware designs with the Cypress can be found by referencing the DLP EVM schematics. As an example, TIDA-01226 is the reference design for the DLPDLCR4710EVM-G2.
  3. DeVaSys
    1. DeVaSys has previously produced and sold a USB I2C/IO interface board. Though this product can be seen on some of our GUIs as an option for communication, this item is no longer available for sale.