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Part Number: DLPLCR65NEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLP650LNIR, DLPLCRC410EVM

I am working with DLP650LNIR dmd, utilizing the DLPLCRC410EVM dmd controller evaluation module. Upon following the the instructions in the user guide for setting up the evaluation module, I was able to get the dmd board projecting the test patterns. However, there is a horizontal stripe that appears in addition to the displayed pattern (see picture). This bar will go away (along with the rest of the pattern) whenever I press the float all mirrors switch (SW3). But other than when that button is actively held down it always appears. I have attached a picture of this bar showing up when a test pattern is displayed, it stretches all the way from one edge of the dmd to the other.

For software control I am using the DLPC104 - DLP Discovery 4100 Explorer GUI v.

I initially suspected that the flex cable was defective or was not properly connected, so I replaced it with a new one but the issue still persists.

Any advice for further troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello Nathan,

    This is almost certainly a MCP (mirror clocking pulse) reset group that is not getting signal.  

    Even though you replaced the flex cable did you check the pads for any debris?  If you find debris clean with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and dry.

    If that does not work then carefully use the CAM screw to release the DMD from the socket and check for any bent pins or damaged socket contacts (best done with a stereoscope).   A damaged pin can be carefully straightened.  A damaged socket contact will require professional work.


  • Nathan,

    Were you able to actually fix the issue?


  • Fizix,

    Yes that was my intuition as well, I had performed a visual inspection for debris but not under the microscope. I went ahead and cleaned the controller-side contacts with IPA and it seems to working fine now, thank you!


  • Nathan,

    Thank you for responding back!  It really does help other customers who might be experiencing similar issues. Best of luck with your work with the EVM.