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Part Number: DLP5530PGUQ1EVM

Hello, the input interface of DLPC230 is standard LVDS,right? It can also be used without specifying TI's deserializer, and only needs to input standard LVDS signals. Is my understanding correct? For example, it can cooperate with other manufacturer of deserializer (output is LVDS),right

  • Hi Brue,

    Yes your understanding is correct.  The DLPC230 is a standard LVDS deserializer and is compatible with multiple TI FPD Link Serializers (  However, please note the limitations with the HW that is must be the format shown in the datasheet ( and this deserialization does not include DC balancing algorithms.  It just decodes the data directly.

    Let us know if you have further questions.



  • thanks for you reply jason,one more question,We use CDC+ deserializer +DLPC230+DLP4620, need to display 1920*960 resolution, diamond algorithm is implemented in CDC, please confirm What is the pixel clock from CDC transmission to the deserializer, 1920*960*60 (is about 110MHz), or 960*960*60( is about 55MHz)

  • Bruce,  what do you mean by CDC?  I am not familiar with this term.   Note that the DLPC230 does not accept directly 1920x960 input.  This data must be processed into diamond format of 960x960 created from the 1920x960 manhattan (format).    Please see the images below.  The processing must occur before sending the data to the DLPC230/DLPC231. 


  • Hi jason

    CDC is the central domain controller on the car, where the diamond algorithm will be processed. According to the picture you sent, I have several points to confirm:
    1. The 1920*960 image processed by diamond algorithm, the actual resolution input to DLPC230 is 960*960, right? Then the PCLK is about 960*960*60=55MHz instead of 1920*960*60=110MHz, is my understanding correct?
    2, so after the diamond algorithm processing, the final DLP4620 display of the real image is 1920*960 or 960*960 resolution

  • Hi Bruce,

    The DLPC230 will accept 960x960 input at lower clock rate.  It cannot accept 1920x960 input directly.  In this case, the data must be preprocessed to only input 960x960 input.