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DLP6500FYE: Lightcrafter software won't leave video mode

Part Number: DLP6500FYE
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, DLPLCR65EVM, , DLPLCRC900EVM

I'm trying to follow instructions on setting up my DMD and evaluation board on Lightcrafter software. I have the issue that on the operating mode, I can't leave video mode to pattern on the fly mode, as the software reverts back to video mode. On the status menu on the left I can see that video running is ticked, but I don't know why, or how to stop that, as I don't believe I initiated this. Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.

  • Hi ,

    May I get a screenshot of your DLPC900 GUI so that I can view the status flags?

    May I also get the following information?

    What firmware version are you using? Is it the *_OOB.img file that is provided with each DLPC900 EVM? What is the firmware tag?

    1. What operations or features were you using before this occurred? I hope it is safe to assume you had just received the board and went through the user's guide in the order presented
    2. What LEDs on your DLPC900 EVM are lit up or blinking?
    3. What is your jumper configuration on the DLPC900 EVM? (Please provide a clear picture of your board so I can see jumper configurations as well)
    4. Is your DMD showing any video from the host computer?
    5. Have you attempted to select the power down option in Video mode and then click "Set?" Under normal conditions, this should not be required to switch operational modes, but let's try this anyways if you have not done so yet
    6. Are any status flags "blinking" in the status flag menu of the DLPC900 GUI when this occurs?
    7. Is this reproducible, or have you left your controller in this state to preserve it?

    Please let me know the following before we proceed.

    Thank you,
    Michael Ly

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks very much for your quick reply. Looking through your questions prompted me to check the status flags again, and I see that I have Controller/DMD incompatible ticked. Reviewing my components list, I don't believe this should be the case as I'm using a DLPLCRC900EVM with a DLPLCR65EVM. The DMD on the board appears to have the part number DLP6500BFYE, where I was expecting it to be DLP6500FYE. Could this be an issue? I thought I'd check this first, and if not, I'll go ahead and answer your additional points above.

    Thanks very much,


  • Reading on a little bit more from what I read in the manual for the 'DMD incompatible' flag, I replaced the flex cable with a longer one that I bough separately and this seems to have resolved the issue. I'm unsure if the short flex cable I received is faulty, but this appears to have resolved my issue.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Hi

    May you send us a picture of both flex cables? Amphenol 7840-001 is the cable that we currently use. I'm very happy to hear it was just a small issue and that you were able to quickly resolve this, though!

    Michael Ly