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DLP9000: how to make your own pattern in dmd ?

Part Number: DLP9000

Hi, I am new to using DMD. I want it to do structured illumination microscopy. I want to use my DMD to generate a sinusoidal grating that I can rotate and translate. I want the DMD to act like a grating that I can rotate and translate.  In total, there will be 9 images. I am not sure how to begin with. Please can someone explain step by step what exactly I need to do? the user guide is quite overwhelming for me.  Here is the information that might help you in helping me

I have DLP9000 dmd and DLP90CREVM

I want my DMD screen to display a sinusoidal grating with a certain period and rotation. 

There will be in total 9 images with different orientations and periods. 

In the beginning, I do not wish to run it as a video. I wish to work with a single image at a time. How to design the image, where to design the image? Is there a way I can make a grating in the GUI? I am really confused. please explain.

  • Sahil,

    I assume that you want a sinusoidal grayscale pattern.  You can generate the images as bmps in any graphic program, even paint.  

    But it is probably easiest in something like Matlab or even Labview.  this will let you algorithmically generate 8 bit grayscale images of the exact same size (resolution) as the DMD array.  

    This is not something we provide.

    Once you have an 8-bit grayscale image (bmp) you can add it to your Pattern on-the-fly window and set an exposure time and then update the LUT and run the solution.

    If you want to see an example image look in the default install directory of the GUI:  "C:\Texas Instruments-DLP\DLPC900REF-SW-5.1.0\DLPC900REF-SW-5.1.0\DLPC900REF-GUI\Images and Batch files\LCR9000_Images"