DLPC231S-Q1: List of being supported flash memory

Part Number: DLPC231S-Q1



In the datasheet, there is a table for supported flash memory for DLPC23xS-Q1.

Do you have any update of this supported flash memory?

I'd like to know any update regading o supplier like Winbond.

  • Hi Jin,

    Nice to talk again.

    Let me talk with my team and see if there is anything new available.
    We may talk offline if you would like to send us your part number for a potential review. Without test and validation, though, we cannot guarantee that your replacement chip will work. We recommend the replacement to be the same footprint or at least one that is not uncommon. This way, you may replace it with other chips (that are pin-to-pin compatible, of course).

    Michael Ly

  • Could you please check if W25Q128JVSAQ is possible?

  • Hi Jin,

    Please allow me 2-3 days to check this for you. I want to make sure I have enough time to double-check myself and not rush smaller details.

    Thank you for sending the manufacturer and part number for us to check!

    Michael Ly

  • Hi Jin,

    I had a few things pop up between Monday and now. I am sorry for the delay...

    Please allow me until Monday or Tuesday afternoon to get you an answer.

    Michael Ly

  • Jin,

    Your part should work, but TI still recommends you validate your work to ensure everything works as intended because TI has not formally tested this chip.

    From the DLPC230 datasheet,

    The W25Q128JVSAQ is able to meet the following specs, but please pay attention to the wording in the descriptions.

    1.   <-- Please double-check the status register bits before implementation
      1. Winbond part: 
        1. TB tells BP2, BP1, and BP0 how to protect. This is a don't care if all three blocks are unprotected.
    2.    <--  Please double-check this.
    3.   <- Op codes match and line up
    4.  <- Max supported size, though you may use 256 Mb and 512 Mb ICs

    Please make sure this chip supports the temperature range you think you will operate in and account for worst-case temps high low.

    The CheetahTm host adapter may or may not recognize the chip and may require a new xml file. Please be aware of this. 

    Michael Ly