DLP9000: How to make the encoded(compression) for python code for 8-bits images

Part Number: DLP9000
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I looked through the Python code and realise that the encoded length for the 1-bit images length is different with 8-bit images. ( I am using the same image just different bitdepth)

How do I change the python code to work for 8-bit images too?

  • Hello Hendy,

    That code was created by another party and is not directly supported by TI. 

    8-bit images are composed of 8 1-bit images - one for each "bitplane", so I would expect it to be longer.  Each bitplane would be compressed like a single 1-bit image.  The DLPC900 (controller for the DLP9000) stores compressed images in flash.  When you install the DLPC900 GUI it also installs a Source Code directory under the GUI directory called Source.