[FAQ] DLP4620S-Q1: DLP(R) Automotive Design Checklists for Schematic and Layout

Part Number: DLP4620S-Q1
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The Texas Instruments DLP(R) automotive chipsets include the DLP553x-Q1, DLP553xS-Q1, DLP462x-Q1, and DLP462xS-Q1 DMDs.

When designing new hardware, please be sure to refer to the datasheet of all relevant parts.

The most important datasheets to pay attention to, which define the baseline parts, are

TI has reference designs and optical modules available to help customers test the different features these chipsets may offer. Below is an example of the DLP5530-Q1 chipset page with a third-party tool for finding optical module manufacturers, an electronics-only evaluation module (EVM) kit, and more EVMs with optical modules already included.

When designing a new system, it is important to follow the reference designs of TI's EVMs in conjunction with the respective datasheets.

To help with the design process, TI has also created a design checklist to use so that important design constraints and considerations are kept in front of the designer at all times during the design process.

These checklists are not final, and will continue to be updated. They do, however, provide a general overview of how TI designs their automotive EVMs.

TI strongly encourages its users and customers to have design reviews with our engineers to help throughout the development process.

Schematic Checklist: Automotive_Schematic_Checklist_Rev_A.xlsx

Layout Checklist: Automotive_Layout_Checklist_Rev_A.xlsx