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DLP6500FYE: about DLP6500 EVM

Part Number: DLP6500FYE
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DLPC900, DLPC910

Hi Ti,

for the DLP6500 EVM, I found you already have a complete solution and I want to know more detail about it, please see below questions:

1. based on DLP6500 datasheet, it can support 2880Hz 1 bit 1920*1080 pattern, is that means in you complete solution, this performance can be meet when using your EVM application software + DLPC900 board + DLP6500? if not, how to reach 2880Hz 1bit 1920*1080 such performance?

2. about DLPC910, seems the EVM not ready for sale now, when it will be ready,

3. currently we want to get 2800 and 5600 fps one bit 1920*1080 pattern, is you DLP6500 EVM can meet this requirement? for the software, is it open for secondary development?

please contact me by phone if any thing unclear,

13816063225, Sam Hu

looking for your feedback asap, thanks

  • Sam,

    Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the DLP forums. 

    1. The capabilities of the Lightcrafter 6500 EVM do support 2880Hz binary projection. In fact, it will support up to ~9500Hz binary projection. Not that solid state illumination is required in this scenario.

    2. We do not have an EVM for the DLPC910, only a reference design: 

    3. Yes, you should be able to meet both requirements. The GUI source code is provided but the firmware source code for the DLPC900 is not. 

    I hope that answers your questions,


  • thank you very much for your reply, paul

    maybe my question not very clear,just to double confirm, I mean if I want to use 2800fps and 5600fps in continuesly data trasfer mode, at least for 5 minutes, is the EVM solution still available?

    and both HDMI port and DP port support this data rate?(1920*1080*1bit*2800=5.8Gbps

  • It seems like you're asking about how to stream video data into the EVM at 5600 bit planes per second. The high end speeds are not possible through video streaming. The highest supported video streaming rate is 247 Hz at 8 bits, which is 1,976Hz in binary. 

    If you pre-store your patterns in the flash memory, then the top speeds are attainable.


  • Hi Paul,

    I'm refer to Video pattern mode, in DLP6500 datasheet, it motioned 2880Hz in binary in Video pattern mode
    what I expected is that if I use this Video pattern mode, I can send image ( 1920 * 1080 * 48 bit * 60Hz ) one by one from HDMI continuously, then DLPC900 convert to 2880Hz binary image and send to DLP6500 by lvds, also based on DLPU028C, 3.6.4, the video pattern mode is also stream the pattern continuously,

    is that suitable for our requirement? if not, how to implement 2880Hz?
    and from PC to DLPC900 board, it's HDMI image with 48bit color depth, what kind of operating / software code I need to implemented if I want to convert it to 1 bit 2880Hz?

    thanks and Best Regards,

  • Hi Sam,

    Video pattern mode is how you would get 2880Hz. In this mode, you'll set up a pattern sequence where you pull bit planes from the incoming data stream. This works on the Lightcrafter 6500, you can get those speeds.

    As for converting from 48bit depth to 24bit depth, that I am not familiar with. The Lightcrafter 6500 expects RGB888 input over HDMI so you should try to get your input into that format. Once it is in RGB888, the controller will take care of the rest and be able to display at 2880Hz.

    Hope that helps,
  • Great, that's help a lot, thank you, Paul!