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DLP6500FYE: About Flex cable of DLPLCR6500EVM

Part Number: DLP6500FYE
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-00570, DLPLCR6500EVM, DLPC910, DLPC900, DLP9000X, DLP9000, DLP7000, DLPC410


I found the data described flex cable in TIDA-00570 Assembly Files.

I referred to the following URL.

In the same way I would like to get the document about flex cable of DLPLCR6500EVM. 

Could you please give me a advice about FPC information.

Best Regards,


  • Hello Leonardo,

    This is the same flex cable.  We use it for many EVM's and internal test boards / reference designs.

    On the [ DLPC900 / DLP6500 EVM, DLP9000 EVM ], and the [ DLPC910 / DLP9000X ] reference design the same cable is used. 

    This same flex cable is also used in the [ DLPC410 / DLP7000 EVM, DLP9500EVM ].


  • Hi Fizix, 

    Thank you for advice on FPC.

    I confirmed that P / N 8394-001 is mounted on DLP6500RVM.

    Can P / N 8394-002 be used with DLP 6500 EVM?

    Our customer want to exchange FPC to 002 longer than 001.

    Best Regards,


  • Hello Leonardo-san,

    Yes this should work. It is basically the same cable, although the path lengths to exceed the recommendations (even on the early EVM's that had the long cable).

    I would try it first before sending the information to your customer. We also recommend that if and when the customer goes to production that they design in newer cable types. There is now cable technology that has much better electrical specs and performance.


  • Fizix-san,

    Could you tell me the recommended length?

    Size of the P/N 8394-002 is 12.20 inches.(12.20 inch = 309.88 mm)

    I found the length specification in table 8 of the data sheet.

    Table 8 DMD Signal Routing Length
    DMD: MIN 50mm, MAX 375mm

    So, I think 12.20 inches (309.88mm) meets specifications.

    I'm sorry if I was wrong.

    Best Regards,


  • Hello Leonardo,

    That it the total trace length.  On the Discovery 4100 EVM, once you add the board traces to the cable trace lengths it exceeds the recommendation, but only slightly.

    I also noticed that my previous post said, "There is not cable technology . . . " but should read, "There is now cable technology . . . ".   Sorry for the confusion.