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DLPC6401: bug install firmware by I2C via GUI 1.0 Tool

Part Number: DLPC6401


I am working on DLP display project. We used an DLPC6401 as DLP Data Processor.

A parallel flash memory is connected on it. I want to install the firmware into the flash by I2C1 interface via the DLPC6401 GUI 1.0 tool.

I receive the foloowing message : "Unable to entrer programming mode" after a program command.

the flash is empty when it is soldering on board.

Have you an idea on this problem?

  • Hi Michael,
    Could you please share more details about the system/configuration you are using especially the drive electronics, optical engine ? We need additional information to have a better understanding of your system and environment.
  • Hi Michael,

    At a minimum on the flash bootloader code must be residing, which is located in the first 128kB memory; I would recommend you to remove the flash on the board and then copy first 128kB data from the DLPC6401 firmware binary and then install it back, then you have to use BOOT HOLD pin to connect to GND for downloading the full image.



  • Hi Sanjeev,

    Thanks you for your answer.

    If I understand, correctly, the flash memory must be programmed before ist wiring on circuit board.

    the flash memory is on parallel mode. Can you give me a programmer reference for this parallel memory class?

    the memory is a S29GL032N90TF1040.

    Thank for your answer.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Vivek,
    I use an DLPC6401ZFF controller for driving my projector. The flash memory is a S29GL032N90TF1040. It is connected to the DLPC controller by a parallel bus . it has no firmware on this memory before wiring on circuit board. I though to install the firmware bt the I2C1 link (I2C Slave) connected to an male header 3 way. I have a jumper which allows the "Hold Bootloader" mode. By connecting an I2C/USB programmer and using DLPC6401 GUI Tools, I receive the following message: "Unable to enter programming mode".
  • Hi Michel,

    You have to install minimum boot-loader code on the flash. Otherwise GUI tool will not work.



  • Hi,


    We have downloaded S8 ANHUAOE firmware (DPP6401F_DCLK120_v1p3p0_Appv1p3p1_SEQ190_HSG_GammaVideo_test.img) into the flash (S29GL032N90) from an external programmer (FlashcatUSB).
    Then we soldered this flash on our PCB.

    On the PCB we put the HOLD_BOOTLOADER signal to the GND (GPIO_19) and started the card.
    We communicate in I2C with the devsys board and the DLPC6401_GUI_1.0 software application.
    We have downloaded your firmware again from the I2C commands (DLPC6401_GUI_1.0 exe) and everything looks OK.

    However, when we do a get hardware status we have a detection of illegal memory access (cf attached file pb_flash.pdf)

    When we put the signal HOLD_BOOTLOADER at 3.3V and we restart the card, it is impossible to communicate in I2C.

    Do you have an idea of the problem?

    thank you in advance for your help



  • Hi,


    Here are some additional details :


    When we put GPIO19 pin to GND to enter in bootloader mode and restart the board :

    I2C communication is ok from DLPC6401_GUI_1.0 (downloaded from the TI website) ,

    The flash download of the full image from DLPC6401_GUI_1.0 application  seems to work well (no failed status).

    But we have the following status on I2C:

    eDRAM Initailization Complete is checked

    illegal memory access is checked ? ?

    FRB Overflow is checked ??

    Internal memory status is checked

    Mailbox download compete is checked

    User gpio status is checked

    DMD Park Status is checked

    Sequence Run flag is checked

    Extended Primary Color Correction Function Enable is checked

    Others are unchecked


    When we put GPIO19 pin to high and restart the board:

    After power on, PWR_GOOD goes high

    GPIO26 (INIT_BUSY) goes high during few ms then goes low.

    There isn’t active high pulse on GPIO26 following the initialization period.

    problem: After initialization I2C access is impossible ???


    please can you help us to solve this problem ?


    thank you

  • Hi,

    Could you collect UART0 debug log from the controller? You can use FTDI USB to serial cable  and tap the TX line of the DLPC6401 to RX line of the FTDI cable collect the boot log and send it to us.

    By the way have you updated the FlashDeviceParameters.txt file as per the sector address layout of the flash you are using?


  • Hi Micheal,
    Were you able to get UART log?
  • Hi Michael,
    I am tentatively closing the thread. Feel free to get us back if you still have issues.