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[FAQ] DLP LightCrafter EVM FAQs

DLP Lightcrafter™

Frequently asked questions on the DLP Lightcrafter™ evaluation module:

1. Connection Issues with RNDIS/USB

2. Controlling the DLP Lightcrafter™ with MATLAB

3. DLP Lightcrafter™ Optics

4. Replacing the optics and LEDs on the DLP Lightcrafter

5. DLP Lightcrafter™ boots to 95% and gets stuck.

An issue that is sometimes seen in version 1.0 Lightcrafter EVMs is it will boot most of the way and get stuck right at the end. In this scenario, the EVM will not be able to connect to the GUI. If this is happening to you, we recommend the following:

1. First confirm that your power supply is correct. It should be 5V and be able to supply 3A of current.

2. Make sure you are booting with no other peripherals plugged in (HDMI, etc.)

3. Use LED D3 (on the bottom board) to help decode your issue:

ON Time OFF Time  Failure
1 sec 10 secs LED_ENABLE (pin 1 of U11) got triggered because LED_ANODE voltage is greater than 5.8V
5 sec 500 msec  SYSPWR Voltage falls to less than 2.7V or greater than 5.2 V
1.5 secs  1 sec  Overheat shutdown, GREEN LED thermistor temperature is greater than 70C

4. Make sure the Lightcrafter is not trying to boot from the memory card. Slide the switch near the memory card away from the memory card and try again.

5. Update the DM365 firmware to the latest version: 

6. Attempt to boot from SD Card: 

7. If all else fails, connect to UART and use the logs to Diagnose:

6. What's the difference between the DLP Lightcrafter™ 1.0 and 2.0?

7. Where can I find the DM365 source code?