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DLP3000 Lightcrafter Kit and setup for scanning project

Part Number: DLP3000

Hi , 

Could you please provide me the exact details for setup used in the point cloud generation setup in :

I do have my own setup and have experimented with the setup and paramters quite a bit now.

I believe my problem is for the distance the projector scanning lines are in focus , the camera lens I have doesnt focus on the lines/image well enough . Thereby this might be causing resolution problems in my scanned image.

So I am trying to recreate your exact setup as much as I can before I purchase another lens.

I am looking for :

1 ) What exact camera type and lens was used 

2) The distance your setup was placed at from the checker board while configuring the camera and projector.

3) Does it make any difference if I was to place this setup in a dark room while configuring and scanning ?  

4) The number of the points obtained from a scan of a white sheet of paper when checked in Mesh lab.

  • Anish,

    We will investigate to determine whether this information is available. In the meantime, Can you share your setup's specifications? If we do not have the specs available we can at least advise you.

    Best Regards,
    Philippe Dollo
  • Hi Philippe ,

    Thanks .

    Please find my  setup picture attached and information below:

    1) The camera type used is Point Grey FL3-U3-13Y3M and lens was used Computar M0814-MP2.

    2) In my current setup , The distance from the camera base to checkerboard is 25cm . And projector to checkerboard is 23 cm. 

    3)The setup is not placed in a dark room and is in an office environment.

    4)The scan below the white sheet with checker board used in configuration . I have attached both the .bmp and .xyz files .

       The points I get in meshlab is 100000 odd points . The maximum  points I can get is 608x684 = 415872 points  . So I should get more points closer to this right ?

       Also should I expect the same number of points as the camera (OR) the same number of points as the projector when scanning?

  • Thanks for your patience, and sorry for a late response. This setup looks close to our own, so I'll loop in one of my colleagues to help you in better detail.
  • Hi,

    Your setup looks okay to me. Just be aware that both camera and projector sensor have different aspect ratio;   if you try to fill projected image in the camera frame the area outside the object under scan is anyway going to be discarded. If you try to fill as much area in the camera frame with the object the more points you will collect. By the way you will be limited by how close you can go to object by minimal focal plane distance of camera and projector. Since you are using graycode pattern it should be okay under office environment. If you use three phase this is more sensitive to ambient light.

    I would say more than the points count the quality of scan comes from the how you are capturing object and how much you are able to resolve in the z-axis. There are many post processing software that can fill more points.

    Let us know if it helps.