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DLP230NP: resolution question regarding 0.23 inch panels

Part Number: DLP230NP

Hi, I am trying to develop a pico projector using 0.23 inch panel, resolution the higher the better, however i found out that there are several resolutions, but once i open the data sheet, i found out they all have same 5.4um pitch, is this correct?

how can same pitch support different resolutions?

DLP2000 - 0.2 nHD

DLP2010 - 0.2 WVGA

DLP230GP - 0.23 qHD

DLP230KP - 0.23 HD

DLP230NP - 0.23 1080p

  • Hello Liang,

    These DMDs are used with a specific controller and sometimes an external FPGA. Some of these DMDs use proprietary XPR technology to reach higher resolutions. Unfortunately the information is not currently public from TI. Please see the corresponding chipset reference design for how to design with the associated DMD.

  • Optically, does this mean it will require extra space for projection design? or the optical design is interchangeable with 0.23QHD? are there a thin tilted plate between panel and lens? if so, how to consider it during the lens design phase?
  • since this will be equivalently to time sequential, will the brightness be sacrificed?
  • Hello Liang,

    An actuator will need to be used. An actuator is an opto-mechanical device which is used in conjunction with DLP® processing algorithms to display two or more projected pixels from a single DMD micromirror. DLP optical engine manufactures incorporate actuators into their optical engines, thus providing a turn-key solution for DLP system integrators.

    Brightness will be a system level requirement. Our .23 class DMDs are intended for smaller form factor with less brightness than our larger class DMDs. This requires a system level tradeoff between smaller form factor or higher brightness.